This update contains two major steps: underlying OS update and vR Ops update. Both updates are installed through the admin user interface "http://vrops-IP/admin" and you will need to know or recover your admin password. If you do not remember the password, see for reset instructions.
If you have a multi-node setup, perform update on your first (master) node. There is no need to repeat it on other nodes, the update process takes care of it.

One last minute caveat:
Before starting the update, login to vR Ops 6.0.x, "Open "Environment Overview" -> "vSphere Hosts and Clusters" -> "vSphere World" in the navigation pane and click on "Projects" (on the content page). ( this will update the internal state of the projects; expired projects may lead to upgrade issue, where upgrade never finishes.)

See Release Notes:

Refresh projects before upgrading

Before starting the update, login to vR Ops 6.0.x, "Open "Environment Overview" -> "vSphere Hosts and Clusters" -> "vSphere World" in the navigation pane and click on "Projects" (on the content page)

1. Download the update *pak files from

This is the first challenge :) you have to open the description and find the right files. Consider checking MD5sums after download, weird things may happen if the files are corrupted.

2. Create a snapshot or proceed on your own risk

During the download it might be a good idea to snapshot your VMs. Don´t forget to delete the snapshots after successful upgrade.

3. Log in to the admin interface http://vrops-ip/admin

Select "Software Update" and press "Install a Software Update"

4. Select OS Update file first:

The file name is: vRealize_Operations_Manager-VA-OS-

5. Once uploaded you will be able to start the update

6. After some time (> 30 minutes) we login again and check the installation

7. Login to admin interface again and Install vR Ops update PAK

Select: vRealize_Operations_Manager-VA-
Check the box "Install the PAK file even if it is already installed
Check the box "Reset out-of-the-box content, overwriting to a newer version provided by this update. Note, user modifications to out-of-the-box Alerts, Symptoms, Recommendations and Policies will be overwritten."

-> Note: the second option sounds dangerous but it is required if you want to get new content (new alerts, policies, dashboards). If you always followed best practices recommendation and did not applied any changes directly to out-of-the-box content but always cloned it before editing, you are safe. If you just renamed alerts or views before editing, they are going to be overwritten, because the name is just the name, the object ID of the content remained the same.

8. You may watch the update running (after logging in again)

9. And once completed the cluster will be online

Please do not take the cluster online manually! The update should take care of it. In my environment it took about an hour.

Author: Tomas Baublys, Lead Systems Engineer, VMware
Version: 1.2